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E-Manual of Forevue Propositions 

This section of the website is in the form of an emanual. The manual describes how we can help businesses to develop and implement strategies which will enable them to succeed in a fast-changing and increasingly complex world.


Together with our clients, we create an inspiring vision of the future, we identify future business opportunites, threats and risks, and we involve everyone in the enterprise in producing a business strategy. You can use the emanual in many ways. For example, you can skim through the front pages of each section in the emanual to decide whether you are interested in the subject. At the next level, you can click on the links to see what sort of material is included in the emanual. This includes various articles , extract from books and published papers, as well as material which can be used in your own training programmes.

In total, the emanual contains about 500 pages of reading matter, to which you can refer in order to understand the reasoning behind our approach to future-proofing your business.


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