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About the Future Leaders Programme

The Future Leaders Programme is about change and the future, focusing on

  • the risks, threats and opportunities which human kind is facing in the 21st century; 
  • the choices and decisions to be made;
  • and the action to be taken. 

Participants in the programme are challenged to research the facts, identify the problems, and collaborate in working out solutions which will address the needs of the individual, their local community, the organisation in which they work, and the global population. At the same time they are introduced to a leadership development programme, which focuses on learning and practising the leadership skills which they will need in the future world of work.

The Future Leaders Programme starts with a series of problem-based learning workshops. It then continues as an experiential learning programme, which can be expanded in stages and eventually offered to anyone or everyone in an organisation. The aim of the programme is to prepare people – managers, employees and the self-employed, to be effective leaders and global citizens in a fast-changing world.

The Future Leaders Programme (FLP) has certain unique features which set it apart from other programmes currently being offered for leadership development. Firstly, it has been designed to involve all participants in a research-led programme which aims to find solutions to some of the global problems they will be facing in their future lives and their work environment.

Secondly, it is based on the belief that every person can be developed to become a more effective leader through the process of leadership development. Participants are encouraged to learn, practice and reflect on their leadership and other key skills at all stages in the programme. Those who have the talent and the desire to become facilitators in the programme will receive additional training to prepare them for this leadership role.

The third unique feature of the programme is the Knowledge Library, which enables information and peer-reviewed knowledge produced by FLP participants to be catalogued, stored, retrieved and subsequently published. Today the FLP knowledge library contains over 1,000 knowledge objects – published articles, blogs, videos etc. - which are used as reference material by all who attend the workshops.


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