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Getting started with the Future Leaders Programme

The Future Leaders Programme raises awareness and understanding of the drivers of change which will influence organisational strategy. Consequently, it is important that the programme has the support of the CEO and other senior managers who are responsible for strategic decisions – not just their involvement, but also their commitment.

To get commitment from the top, Forevue recommends a one-day work shop for senior management to:

  • explain the aims and objectives of the programme;
  • discuss the outcomes and potential benefits for the organisation;
  • review the infrastructure, methods and material for delivering the programme;
  • discuss how to adapt the programme to fit the needs and culture of the organisation;
  • agree the next steps and confirm individual commitments.

Where to start the programme will depend upon the size, structure, culture and particular needs of the organisation. For example, in a small or medium size enterprise, the programme could be cascaded down the management levels.

In a large enterprise, which annually recruits 50 or more graduates, and runs induction programmes in the first one or two years of employment, the Future Leaders Programme can be introduced at an early stage to support development of the next generation of leadership talent. At the same time, middle management can be introduced to the programme through one or two-day workshops, so that they understand the importance of their coaching role in supporting change and leadership development.


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