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Introduction to Level 2 of the L&M Pipeline

From Managing Self to Managing Others

When someone is transitioning from working independently to managing others, a significant change in attitude and skill set must take place. The new leader is now responsible for getting work done through others - a drastically different style of working.

To manage others successfully, these leaders must share information, offer autonomy, be aware of people's needs, and provide direction.

Navigating This Transition

Organizations need to make sure that first-time managers understand what's required of them. New leaders need to focus on their communications skills, and communicate effectively with their teams. Partly, this involves communicating clearly in writing, but it can also be as simple as making time for subordinates to discuss their concerns. They need to know how to plan short- and long-term goals, define work objectives, and manage conflicting priorities.

New managers must also focus on their team members' needs. Coach new managers to practice Management by Wandering Around, which helps them stay in touch with their people. Encourage them to provide feedback, so that everyone on the team can improve.

It's important for new managers to know how to delegate effectively. At this level they're responsible for other people, and, if they can't delegate, they'll be harried, overworked, and stressed. This will also harm your organization's ability to get work done quickly.

Last, if you're coaching new managers through this transition, make sure that you monitor their progress to help them navigate the process successfully. Sit in on their interactions with direct reports, consider using 360° feedback to see how others view their abilities as a manager, and help them address any issues that arise.

To see an example of the knowledge and skills which should be acquired at Level 2, click below.


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