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Introduction to Level 3 of the L&M Pipeline

From Managing Managers to Functional Manager

Functional managers often report to the business's general manager, and they are responsible for entire departments, such as manufacturing or IT. Making a transition to this level requires a great deal of maturity, and the ability to build connections with other departments.

Navigating This Transition

Functional managers must learn how to think strategically and manage with the entire department, or
function, in mind.

Leaders at this level must know how to think over the long-term, as they'll need to plan for the mediumterm
future. They must also understand the organization's long-term goals, so that their functional
strategy aligns with these aims.

Coach new functional managers to stay up-to-date on industry trends, so that they can take advantage
of new advances: managers who are aware of technology and trends can adjust their strategy to better
contribute to the organization's competitive advantage.

Although all managers need to be good listeners, this skill is particularly important at functional
manager level. Teach your functional managers how to use active listening skills. They also need to be
skilled at reading body language, so that they can avoid misinterpretation and spot untruths.

To see an example of the knowledge and skills which should be acquired at Level 3, click below.


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