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Using Audits and Surveys

The first computer-based system for training needs analysis in the UK was produced and marketed by Mast Learning Systems (the predecessor of Forevue International) in the late 1980s. This Development Needs Analysis system (DNA for short) was used by managers and their staff to improve the quality of their staff appraisal and performance management programmes.

When the first draft of the Management Standards was published by the Management Charter Initiative (MCI) in 1989, a modified version of DNA called CAS (for Computer-based Assessment System) was used by over 300 organisations to help them to implement the MCI Management Standards in a number of ways:

  • it was an easy way to learn about the standards – most people liked using the interactive system which led them through a self-assessment process;
  • it helped people to understand the relevance of the standards to their current jobs and career objectives;
  • it was used in the initial stages of crediting competence to provide a focus for discussion between candidate, manager and advisor.

In subsequent years, the practice of doing 360 degree surveys has been taken up by a growing number of employers, and is now being used for many purposes besides performance appraisals.

In this section of the ebook, you will find examples of how computer-based audit and survey systems can be used in developing strategy, improving performance, and measuring progress towards achieving your objectives.

Click on the titles below to find out how these audits and surveys can help you to future-proof your business.


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