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This website contains the results of more than 10 years of searching for answers to the questions

  • how is the world changing, and what will the future look like? 
  • what changes are going to have the biggest impact on our lives?
  • what are the forces which are driving change? 
  • what are the risks, threats and opportunities resulting from change? 

Forevue has spent the past ten years searching for answers to these questions. We have read and listened to the words of the most respected and reliable thought leaders.  We have studied the performance of those industry leaders who have responded successfully to accelerating change, and who have adapted their strategies to an increasingly complex and uncertain future. The results of this research has been stored in our Knowledge Library.

But knowledge for better strategic planning is, by itself, not enough.  In order to act upon this knowledge and reap the benefits, we need people with the right leadership qualities; people who will use their knowledge to inspire other to change.

Forevue's Future Leaders Programme combines knowledge about change and the future with leadership development. It uses the power of the Web to transfer knowledge, to support learning and skills development, to encourage collaboration, and to create a culture of constant innovation.

We are offering this website as a free source of information to add to your own knowledge and ideas about change and the future. The website links you to over 400 items from our Knowledge Library – articles, extracts from books, videos, and blogs – in addition to examples of materials used in training and workshops.

We are launching the website with an offer to run free introductory half-day workshops for decision makers in Higher Education, Business or Government organisations. Please contact us if you want to take advantage of this offer.

About the Future Leaders Programme


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