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Leadership Development

Balance - Scales

Why is Leadership Development Important?

Leader and leadership development is a core element in the Future Leaders Programme. Everyone needs to be a better leader, in terms of being better prepared to participate in the process of leadership, as the situation demands and as challenging events unfold.

The Future Leaders Programme recognises that the new world of business needs leaders who have learned how to balance the conflicting demands of the workplace; for example, change versus stability, control versus empowerment and consistency versus variability.  For further explanation see

To be fit for the future, a new model of leadership development model is needed, which takes account of:

  • changing organisational structures: from the pyramid of “command and control” to the network-centric organisation;
  • the impact of new science and technology: in communications, computing and medical science;
  • the demands of society for greater social responsibility and sustainability;
  • the consequences of an ageing population, globalisation and an exponential growth in data and knowledge.

A knowledgeable understanding of the environment is a key to effective leadership. Knowing and understanding what is happening, what may happen and could happen in the future, and being able to discern appropriate action to shape events, is the essence of leadership at any level in an organisation.


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